The packaging is composed of the following archives: The following steps are given in order to help you to install the submarine project.
  1. Ensure you have a java JDK 1.3 or greater installed and the system variable JAVA_HOME correctly set.
  2. Choose and create a directory hosting the submarine engine : lets say c:\submarine or /home/submarine. This will becomes the EAI_HOME directory
  3. Unzip/Untar the submarine-1.0-bin archive to the EAI_HOME directory.
  4. Choose and create a directory hosting the submarine tutorial. This directory must not be the same that EAI_HOME. Lets say it is c:\tutorial or /home/tutorial.
  5. Unzip/Untar the submarine-tutorial-0.3 to the tutorial directory.
  6. Edit the bin\run.bat file as following. I apology for unix people for not having completed the scripts for unix/linux systems but I guess you will be able to do it by yourself (,,
	@echo off
	set CLASSPATH=<set here your personal classpath>
	set EAI_HOME=c:\submarine
	set EAI_CONFIG=eai.xml
	set EAI_SERVICE=submarine_tutorial
	if not exist %EAI_CONFIG% cd ..
	%EAI_HOME%\bin\submarine.bat %*
Congratulation, Submarine is now installed, you can run the startup.bat script under the c:\tutorial\bin directory to start the server. Use the shutdown.bat script in the same directory in order to stop it.

If you need to use the submarine-1.0-src package, you can install it in the EAI_HOME directory.